I am honoured to call Dr. Scruton a colleague, and value both his professionalism and honesty when collaborating on cases. Often I am called out to a case where there is an underlying pathology needs to be ruled out before chiropractic care is indicated. When discussing these cases, he is always willing to communicate and debate different diagnostic tests, and treatment options that will be most beneficial to the horse, while respecting the clients budget and long term goals. It is a pleasure to have open communication with such a humble and giving veterinarian, who is always willing to take the time to explain the options available with the clinical expertise and the current research to support why a particular treatment path should be considered. He is truly a knowledgeable, thorough, and straight forward vet that has helped many clients of mine over the years keep their horses alive, sound and performing to their full potential. I would never hesitate to ask Dr. Scruton for his help on any case, or care for any client of mine.

Dr. Andrea Sargent
IVCA Certified Animal Chiropractor


It has been very beneficial as a farrier to work as a team with Dr. Scruton to assess and treat unsoundness or balance issues on individual horse’s feet. Equerry has amazing technology and Dr. Scruton’s experience has taken the guess work out of the equation. Using x-rays we can see the anatomy inside the hoof capsule and with measurements we can trim and apply shoes more accurately. Dr. Scruton is very approachable and his knowledgeable, patient manner is helpful when explaining his findings. This relationship has made me more confident that everything is being done to achieve balance and help maintain soundness.

Lynn Brochu
Nanaimo, BC


I have had nothing but positive experiences with the Equerry team. Colin is prompt, positive and professional. He takes pride in being meticulous in his practice, and is always willing to entertain suggestions and opinions. The calm demeanour of Colin and his staff puts my performance horses at ease, and makes for an enjoyable working environment.

Georgia Hunt
Hunt Equestrian Inc.


Dr. Colin Scruton is the vet I trust when my clients’ horses need a vet.  I find him to be knowledgeable, extremely competent and 100% focused on the patient’s needs.  I appreciate how good he is at following up with my clients and communicating the diagnostic findings and treatment recommendations.

Patti Woods
Patti Woods Show Horses
Quarter Horse Trainer


From the initial services provided by Dr. Scruton and Equerry, we have found him to be up to date with the most current and relevant medicines and procedures, as well as realistic in his recommendations for each equine patient.  From our aged school horses and ponies through to our competitive dressage warmbloods, his practice is an integral part of our horses’ well-being.

Selena Pellizari
GP Cottonwood Stables

Colin and his staff have become like family to us. With the attention of personal investment, they are friendly, professional and highly valued members of our equestrian family.



Colin Scruton and the Equerry team are dependable, knowledgeable, and indispensable members of our equine support system. What a privilege it is to have them on Vancouver Island, providing top-quality equine care and surgery with the expertise of certified FEI sports medicine.