Lameness Evaluation & Sports Medicine

Equerry offers diagnostic testing and evaluation of all types of equine lameness.  Lameness evaluations involve a thorough and sometimes lengthy exam in order to determine the cause of the problem, course of treatment, and prognosis.  Once a physical exam has been completed, the horse's gait is evaluated in-hand, while lunging, or in some cases, under saddle.  Flexion tests will likely then be performed on the horse's joints in an effort to further localize the source of pain.  Once the specific limb involved with the lameness has been identified, nerve or joint blocks can be administered to distinguish its exact location.  Regional nerve blocks involve the injection of a local anesthetic into a joint or surrounding peripheral nerves. If the horse's lameness is not observed once the area injected is sufficiently "frozen", then the source of the lameness will have been successfully determined.  The next step would be to proceed to diagnostic imaging of the affected area.  Digital radiology can be used to diagnose bone and joint abnormalities whereas digital ultrasound is used to assess soft-tissue injuries such as tendons and ligaments.  Of course it is our goal to reduce your horse's discomfort and enhance its performance.  Equerry is able to offer its clients current treatment options and therapies including joint injections, PRP, IRAP and stem cell therapy which can aid in attaining long term comfort for their horse. Dr. Scruton is well-versed in all types of therapeutic products and procedures and is committed to remaining abreast of the latest sports medicine research as it becomes available.