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There is no need to have a referral for an appointment with Equerry. 

Please contact us to make an appointment.  If possible please have all relevant previous veterinary records available for review.

Referral Appointments

Your veterinarian contacts Equerry to convey important information about your horse’s medical history and we then contact you to arrange the appropriate service. This is our preferred way of booking appointments because Dr. Scruton is then able to obtain an accurate medical history for your horse and can advise the appropriate scheduling and procedure(s) allowing veterinarians to work together to provide the best service for your horse.

Direct Appointments

To make a direct appointment with Equerry please call us or send an email.  Veterinary medicine is and ever expanding field.  For some animals and owners it is appropriate to have a general practitioner look after overall health and a specialist who takes care of soundness and performance.  Direct appointments are also made for second opinions, pre-purchase exams and shoeing evaluations.

Both types of appointments may be made by calling our office at (250) 468-5340. You can also send an email to or complete the form on our website.

If you have an Emergency

It is important to note that emergencies will be seen on a referral basis. If you think you have an emergency please call you regular veterinarian for a referral to Equerry. It is vital that you phone for emergency service – please do not send an email or text message. We offer an 24 hour emergency service but it is imperative that we are contacted by your veterinarian prior to your horse being sent for emergency care. It is not necessary that you veterinarian actually examines the animal prior to referral.

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