Portable & Hospital Based Endoscopy

An endoscope is a minimally invasive medical instrument used for visual examination of internal anatomical structures which makes it a powerful diagnostic and therapeutic tool. We have recently upgraded our Storz digital video-endoscopy system to provide the high resolution digital images with an LED light source.  We are able to store both still images and video clips to document what we are seeing. 

Our Storz digital video-endoscope is equipped with both a rigid and flexible endoscope, allowing us to perform a number of procedures. Although it is preferable to use our endoscopes in the hospital our flexible endoscopes are fully portable and can be used on the farm.  We have both 1.5 and 3m flexible endoscopes. The 1.5m scope is capable of evaluating the nasal passages, guttural pouches, larynx and trachea. It is also useful for assessment of the urethra and bladder. The 3m scope is most useful for evaluating the esophagus and stomach.  In particular it is used to look for stomach ulcers.  

Rigid endoscopy is available in two forms: our arthroscope allows both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to be performed in the many synovial (joint and tendon sheath) cavities of the horse, while our laparoscope allows for standing evaluation of the abdomen. This is useful for spaying mares (ovariectomy), castrating cryptorchid colts and stallions and evaluating some colics or other intestinal diseases. Our video-endoscope includes a full-colour monitor making it possible for the owner to watch their horse's internal exam and gain a greater appreciation of the condition being investigated. Images produced can be saved in video and still format for medical records and later viewing if necessary.