Specialist Access

Dr. Debbie Parsons DVM DipACVIM

Debbie is a board certified large animal medicine clinician based in Langley. She is available to consult with Dr. Scruton on cases by telephone or visit to Vancouver Island. As a significant portion of the surgery residency involved large animal medicine rotations and rounds discussions, often telephone consultation is all that is needed but sometimes a visit is required. Contact Dr Parsons at 604-613-7114 (www.acvim.org)

Dr. Loic Legendre DVM FAVD DipAVDC EVDC

Dr. Legendre has been providing specialty veterinary dental services in the lower mainland since 1995. He is very highly regarded in his profession and is often found travelling around North America providing specialist dental consults for all kinds of veterinary species including lions, bears, sea lions and whales. He is an excellent resource to help with very difficult dental cases including root canals. He is available for telephone and email consults as well as assisting in the surgery suite. Contact Dr. Legendre at 604-473-3605 (www.wcvds.ca)

Dr. Marnie Ford BSc PhD DVM, DipACVO

Dr. Ford is an animal eye specialist from Vancouver. She regularly travels to Vancouver Island and is able to assess horses using the stocks at our facility. We are also able to provide anesthesia services to allow equine ophthalmic surgeries to be performed on Vancouver Island. Contact Dr. Ford at 778-885-3937 (www.pacificanimaleyes.com)