Pre-Purchase Consent Form

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As prospective purchaser, or agent of the prospective purchaser of the animal identified above, I have the permission of the owner to authorize a pre-purchase examination. I understand that I can refuse or terminate procedures at any time by contacting the attending veterinarian.

Pre-purchase examinations are usually limited to non-invasive procedures as permission is received from the potential purchaser and not from the owner of the horse. I have received permission from the owner of the horse for blood to collected and stored for drug testing as well as sedation, if necessary, for radiographs.

I understand that every pre-purchase exam is different. A clinical examination and evaluation at walk and trot including flexion and circles are consistent. All other evaluations are tailored to the individual case. I have made all of my specific requests regarding my expectations as well as specific tests required clear. Recommendations made by Equerry are made based upon experience and, often, findings as the exam progresses. If specific radiographic requests are made recommendations will be made that are likely to give useful information for the individual horse and its prospective use. The lack of radiographs of a region does not mean that disease is not present; it implies that clinical examination did not indicate that disease would be likely to be found.

As agent or potential purchaser I authorize Equerry to administer agreed on diagnostic procedures and tests. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform the attending veterinarian about any treatment or diagnostic test that I do not want the above described animal to receive.

It is not the responsibility of the veterinarian to pass or fail a horse during a pre-purchase examination. The purpose of the exam is to provide information regarding any existing medical problems and explain the possibility of any future problems. The exam only provides a snapshot in time based upon information available at the time of examination. Ultimately, the decision to purchase the horse is that of the purchaser and not the veterinarian. It is also my decision as whether or not to be present for the examination allowing active participation in the exam.

A valid credit card with sufficient funds available must be supplied prior to commencement of the examination.

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