Regenerative Therapies

Advanced regenerative therapies that used the bodies on cells and proteins to aid in management of joint and soft tissue problems are available at Equerry. 

We are able to offer:


IRAP stands for interleukin1 receptor antagonist protein. This technique involves using the body’s own anti-inflammatory proteins to fight joint disease.  Blood is harvested and then incubated for approximately 24 hours to concentrate the proteins.  The proteins are then injected into the involved joints.  One blood harvest usually produces 4-6 treatment doses which can be stored in the freezer for future use. 


PRP stands for platelet rich protein. This techniques concentrates platelets and other healing factors in the blood which are then injected into a joint or damaged soft tissues.  The procedure is relatively fast, harvesting and injecting can occur in a single visit. 

Stem Cell Therapy

This procedure involves harvesting bone marrow and sending it to a lab for processing. Once the cells are grown they are then available for injecting into the affected area.  This technique is appropriate in certain cases.